Help Your Employees Get Stuff Done

Help Your Employees Get Stuff Done

According to research by the Gallup Organization, one of the top five factors in improving employee engagement is making sure each individual has “the right tools and equipment to do the job right.” In a world where changing technology is the norm and obsolescence occurs faster than any business owner wants or expects, it is critical to listen closely to what your team needs to work efficiently and effectively — and not be an obstacle in the process.

And while economics and financial resources will always be a consideration, it is important become a hands-on advocate for helping your employees to get their work done, especially when it comes to eliminating outdated or unnecessary rules and processes. The following article is a great example of how one CEO took on this role in her organization — addressing both an immediate need and helping create sustained improvements in the business.

An important item to note is that we’re talking about being an advocate (within your organization) for helping your employees get things done — NOT helping them do their work or micromanaging their daily activities with the intent of having them “work harder.” Most importantly, it means being willing to look objectively at your own expectations and interactions with your team, to see what obstacles you may be personally responsible for and what impact they have on employee productivity.

Better yet, ASK each team member if there’s anything they see that makes it difficult for them to do their best work, in the most effective way possible. If there is a legitimate reason for what they identify, explain the reason and brainstorm possible alternatives. However, if there’s no good reason for the hurdle, don’t let pride or status-quo get in the way of making an improvement for your business — and your employees.

Help Your Employees Get More Done

by , INC. Contributor and CEO at Vertical Response

If you want happy employees, then help them do their jobs faster and better. Here’s how.

When you think about your team would you describe them as happy, content, and fulfilled with their work? Or, have you got more issues than a magazine rack with grumpy, discontent, unsatisfied people in your ranks? What can you do to ensure the former?

In my 12 years of leading my online marketing company, VerticalResponse, I’ve learned that a huge factor in my team’s satisfaction, is the ability to get sh*& done! There I’ve said it. Yes, the simple ability to get what they need done goes a long way baby.

Remove Obstacles

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I work for my team and one of my biggest goals is to remove obstacles for them so they can keep moving forward and meet their deadlines. There’s nothing worse than getting held up by some bureaucratic approval process, or having to do a “dog and pony” show for simple things. No one enjoys being in perpetual hurry up and wait mode. Trust me, we all know how frustrating that is!

Tip: Empower your team and keep approvals and other blockers to a minimum. One simple question you can ask to help identify potential roadblocks is, “What can I do to help you get your stuff done?” Then work together to remove them proactively. Be aware of your team’s deadlines and prioritize accordingly. For example, if one of my content marketers is on a tight deadline with an editor, I’ll look at the piece ASAP so she gets it done.